bmclights (bmclights) wrote in menstrual_cups,

New problem

For me anyway.

I've been happily using a Diva cup for around 5 years with virtually no problems, except that the old girl isn't as pretty as she used to be.

So when that website with the informational packet that included a free cup went around, I signed up, just in case I might actually get one.

Fast forward a few weeks, I get and package, sanitize the cup and patiently wait for my period to arrive, which it did tonight. Now, I had noticed that the stem was quiet a bit longer than my Diva's (which I never trimmed), but it wasn't until tonight that I realized that the cup itself isn't all that much shorter.

I feel like the stem it going to be uncomfortable, because it seems to be hanging out right at my vestibule. It's not bothering me right now, because I sleep sans undies and in loose pajama pants, but I'm worried that once I have to put on big girl pants in the morning we will have an issue.

I guess, what I'm asking is if anyone else has had this problem? It seems to be sitting around where my Diva usually does, so is there anything I should or could be doing differently?

How many Mooncup users trimmed their stems? If nothing else works, how do I go about doing that and not damaging my new cup or my girly parts?
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