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A Retrospect

I was at a friend's house tonight, and was flipping through her Woman's Studies text book-a book I used last year. I remembered and re-read one article, entitled something like "Keep on Keepin' On", in which the author(it was a collective text) talked about menstruation and the taboos that surround it, as well as her discovery of the cup, obviously the Keeper. This brought me back to my first reaction to the cup...a different friend had gotten one and was raving about it, but the idea just grossed me out-I'm not sure why. I had no interest what so ever. But then a few months later I read this article, and it just, I dunno, put a lot of things into perspective and sold me on it. A few months later I was running out of pads and decided to get a cup-the first 2 or 3 months were terrible but after a while-geez, I guess I'm on my 8th cycle with it now-it was a piece of cake, and I feel like I know my body just a whole lot better. I feel healthier, less stressed, and I don't hate my ovaries fact, I barely remember I'm on my period most days. I do tend to cramp with the cup(I didn't at all most days with pads), but only on my first day and it's no big deal. No more chaffing during horseback riding, no more not being able to swim(I HATED tampons), no more just uncomfortable situations. Before I got the cup, I could barely talk about my period with my mother, let alone my friends, and I don't know why but that's really changed. It's kind of fabulous.
I dunno, I just felt like sharing ! :)
Happy living.
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