Liz (cant_wake_up) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Flow question

I assume that cup users actually appear to have a heavier blood flow than tampon/pad users because the later absorb making it hard to determine an actual amount of blood lost during the average period. Be that as it may, heavy flow is considered 80 mL or more during a single cycle.

Have any of you ever added up how much blood is lost during your period? Do you consider your self to have a heavy flow?

I estimate that I lose about 180 mL per cycle and that seems like a ridiculous amount to me. Already within the first 24 hrs of this cycle I've lost roughly 90 mL.

ETA: I use the Large Lunette and I remove when it is at or slightly above the top line (15 mL). I leak a lot if it gets too full. Since 1PM yesterday (it's 8:20P now) I have emptied my cup 6 times when it was at or slightly above the top line and twice when it was at the bottom line.

Good point about fluid vs. blood. I don't get clots so I guess I've never thought about that aspect. I've always had heavy periods though so this really isn't unusual for me, it's just a little shocking to see actual numbers.
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