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Cloth pad + Diva Cup FAIL

So today was my first trial run with my new cloth pad purchased on Etsy and my Diva cup. Today was my first day of my flow, and thus very is always very heavy, and for some reason when I start out I never seem to situation my cup right or it leaks and thus I always have to wear a maxi pad as a back up. I had hoped I could stopped having to use disposable menstrual products altogether by switching to the cloth pad. I ended up having to run around all day today from lab to lab doing some hardcore science, and couldn't really pay attention to my menstrual situation. So when I finally sat down to use the bathroom, I found in horror that I had soaked through my cloth pad, through my underwear, and even through to my pants. I had to go home and completely change my clothes and put on a maxi pad.

So I'm a little frustrated at this point with clothpads but I don't want to give up just yet
I'm thinking that I need to
1. Better prefect my Diva cup technique. (I thought I had it down, but I guess on my heavy flow days I need to check it more often
2. Get more pads designed specifically for heavy flow days.

I really wish I could learn to be one of those Magical ladies who just has to wear the cup perfect each time and never has to worry about pads, but I'm suppose I'm still at the figuring-out-how-to-properly insert phase, even after 7 cycles with it

So yeah advice and suggestions appreciated.
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