Meghan (megamuphen) wrote in menstrual_cups,



I've had my Keeper for about 2 or 2 and a half years. Everything's been going just dandy, but the inside of my cup seems to be deteriorating. Whats up with that?

Instead of being smooth like it used to be (and like it is on the outside) parts of the inside of the cup are sort of. .  rough. Almost... blistery? It's hard to describe, but it definitely doesn't seem good. Has this happened to anyone else? Anyone know what might have caused it? Should I get a new cup? If I do, do you think the Mooncup US will last longer since it's made out of a different material?

As far as cup-care goes, I rinse mine with hot water during my cycle (unless I'm in a public restroom, then I just dump it out and put it back in) and I wash it with soap and water at the end and beginnings of my cycle. I've never boiled it or soaked it in anything.
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