Lauren (gypsybard) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Things have changed

I'm not sure how I managed but I apparently lost my cup. I was a bit sad when I finally admitted to myself that it was no where to be found, that cup had served me so well over the past few years.

I went to the DivaCup website to see what stores sold locally and saw their advertisement for their DivaWash. I had never seen that before and I began to wonder what else has changed. I found myself reading their FAQ and was surprised by some of the changes.

You can no longer return your cup if it doesn't work for you. I remember when I bought my cup I could return it within a year for any reason. There is now no such return policy. In fact it is suggested that you buy a new cup each year! When I bought mine, there was no such suggestion. The cup was seen as more of a lifetime investment and I'd planned to keep mine until I needed to switch to a size 2.

They've gotten a bit more clear on how to care for your cup. I remember that when I first bought mine all that was required was just soap and water. Now they are more clear on types of soap, and suggest a monthly boiling for 20 minutes. They also give directions for cleaning the holes under the rim as needed, which was something one had to figure out on their own (or from a group) in the past.

I'm not so pleased with the first set of changes. Like them or not, I understand them. It is all about following the rules (government standards) and needing to keep your business afloat. I'm glad DivaCup is still around, and seems to be doing well.

I am pleased with the second set of changes. It is great that they give more information on cleaning your DivaCup, though I'll probably stick with the old fashioned way. After all, my last cup and I did just fine for three years with normal old hand soap.
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