tiptoe_mouse (tiptoe_mouse) wrote in menstrual_cups,

My LilacCup split!

I finally got round to ordering a cup, and settled on the LilacCup as it seemed to be the squashiest, plus cute colour. I ordered it from Leastore because of the six month return policy.

Well it turned up yesterday, and I got to try it out for real last night and today as I'm on my period. I was all ready to post about my experiences so far, but then when I was experimenting with different folds this evening I found it had split. There's a big tear in the silicone running down from one of the holes. Talk about being annoyed! I've emailed Leastore to sort out a replacement, but I'm disappointed that I'll have to wait another month to have a proper go with it :(.

I did read that some people had had this problem with their GreenCups - looks like the issue could be more widespread. I'm feeling silly for being seduced by the pretty colour, especially as in that poll a while back I said colour didn't matter to me. I even paid extra for it!


Tags: coloured lady cups, lady cup
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