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Lunette Selene capacity & question on flow

The most fantastic thing about being introduced to the world of menstrual cups is that I got a total new area to get curious about and search for data! Like how heavy my flow is (or not).

I just proceeded to precision measurements of the Lunette Selene. Selene comes with to three « gripping lines » on its bottom (see on the picture below), 2 measurement lines respectively at 7.5 ml and 15 ml, then one « enlargement » of the cup that leads to the rim, and the holes.

Lunette Selene

I took some measures to the referent points other than the measurement lines, because I like precision... I use the metric system, so I apologize for those who do not.

  • up to third « gripping line »: +/- 1,25 ml
  • 1st measurement line: 7,5 ml
  • 2nd measurement line: 15 ml
  • Base of the enlargement of the cup: 20 ml
  • Under the holes: 30 ml

I found out that this first cycle with Selene had a flow of 104 ml. Where would that fit as far as light/normal/heavy flow go? I lately read an interesting discussion on the subject here.


OK, now som pics of Selene (I trimmed the 3rd of the stem):
Selene measured on its side  Selene measured standing

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