rsilvergun (rsilvergun) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Bizarre trouble with my Lunette.

Geez, this cycle has just had some ups and downs. I just spent an hour and thirty minutes putting in, then taking out my cup repeatedly. I followed my usual process of slicking up my vag with some lube, then inserting the cup. It worked fine for me until this time. For some weird reason, every time  I inserted it, the cup would refuse to pop open. It didn't matter what fold I used (origami, C, and 7), the cup would just refuse to open all the way. I checked it by swirling it a little with my finger, but maybe I was pushing down on it without realizing it. I finally got it right, but now I'm worried that it's not completely open and it will start leaking. Granted, it's a lighter part of my period, but I don't want to mess up my clean bedsheets again. Does anyone have any suggestions to make the cup open easier and/or a better way to check that it's open?                
Tags: popping open, teething troubles
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