lutyalapo (lutyalapo) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Keeper Moon Cup Size B for Sale


A friend of mine ordered a Keeper Moon Cup Size B, tried it one time (not for a whole period) and promptly gave up on menstrual cups altogether.  I still hope to get her to reconsider in the future.  But for now, she asked me to sell this for her.  She paid $25 with shipping at southcoastshopping and would like to get $15 including shipping (first class with delivery confirmation).  It has been boiled to sterilize, has an intact stem, and comes in it's original pouch, box and with instructions.  You can send me a message here if interested.  I can take paypal or a postal money order.


Also, you can check out my feedback at ebay (same username) to make sure that I'm honest.

Tags: keeper moon cup, where to buy

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