daimere (daimere) wrote in menstrual_cups,

My problems may be cup related

I think I have insertion perfected.  Yesterday I started and threw in my Diva cup.  I leaked and leaked bad.  It would move when I pee which makes me not want to drink/pee.  It was just frustrating.  Before I went to bed and saw the HUGE mess on the pantiliners, I was like forget this.  I have no pads  to switch to and I didn't want to switch back.  I grabbed that Celle Mooncup that was from my purse and threw it in.  Even though it is a large, it's capacity is lower than my diva cup.  I figured I would be prepared to have a bunch of junk in my panties in the morning.  I wound up urinating twice last night and I don't think it moved.  I woke up and had minor leaking.  I have leaking I could live with. I pulled the cup out and most of the blood was actually IN the cup.  Although I hate how much blood was in the stem.  That made me happy.

I have a question though.   I just wonder if I would better results cause I really would love a lunette and that solid stem is tempting.  Has anyone switched from a Keeper/Mooncup to Lunette?

Tags: brand comparisons, divacup, lunette

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