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So here is the rundown:

I always disliked tampons.  They felt rough and strange and gave me pinching feelings and worsened my menstrual cramps.  My mom made me feel like a child when I was a teen because I kept using pads and she even made comments about how dirty it was that I had put them  in the garbage and the men in my family would be upset if they saw them *ughh.

I was sexually mistreated on many many occasions during my adolescents so this made it psychologically difficult to insert anything in there.  I am still afraid of things going in there to some degree. 

I bought a diva cup a few years ago but it was too large so I recently bought another one. 

I have a pelvis that is amazingly tilted so that my pubic bone juts out and at the same time my vaginal wall does not go straight up but more to one side.  If that makes sense.

I also get very severe cramps during my menstruation along with emotional problems, anxiety, irritation, etc.  So sticking something up there during that time is just unpleasant.

I want to use this cup but even the small size (and even when it is suctioned in right) makes my cramps worse, gives me that same pinching feeling and when I breath it actually suctions in and out with my breath.  I can feel it and hear it moving when I breathe!  Especially when I am lying down on one side.  Could it be it is not suctioned in right?  Having it in just makes me want to cry.  
I feel so much safer and calmer with the cloth pads but they are so messy.

Any suggestions?

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