erica057 (erica057) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Semi-OT: The d-word


I've noticed a lot of posts in this community referring to vaginal "discharge"; for example, "I wear a cup all the time because I get so much vaginal discharge" and so forth. I want to borrow a passage from Toni Weschler's inimitable Taking Charge of Your Fertility:

One of the first things you'll probably be struck with when you start charting [your fertility signs] is the distinct pattern of cervical fluid throughout your cycle. And, if you are like most women who learn how to observe their fertility signs, the second thing you may experience is the sense of frustration and even anger when you realize how little you understood your body before. No, you were probably not experiencing recurring vaginal infections all the time. No, you were not dirty and in need of douching away the "discharge"...For this reason, I would suggest that you never use the "d-word" to describe your healthy cervical fluid. After all, we don't refer to men's healthy semen as "discharge".

Just a thought :)
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