rsilvergun (rsilvergun) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Sleeping with the Lunette

This is the second time I have used my Lunette during my period. I think I've got insertion down and with more practice I will be able to do it quickly. Last night, I laid down on my stomach on my bed and used my laptop for a few hours. I didn't leak and the pad I wore for protection had no blood on it apart from a few trace stains from when I first reinserted the cup. Just to be safe, I wore two pantyliners to cover the upper part of my underwear where the pad does not reach and I wore my girdle. The good news is that I slept comfortably and I didn't leak into my bed. The bad news is that something must have gone wrong because when I woke up today my pad and my pantyliners were soaked in blood. There was also a small stain near the upper left edge of my underwear, but it wasn't enough to soak through my shorts. I thought that maybe my cup filled up too much while I was sleeping, but when I took it out before taking a shower, the cup was only halfway full. So, what are some tips for sleeping with a Lunette size B? I do not want to have to sleep with pads again because one of the major reasons I switched to the Lunette was so I would not have to sleep with bulky, unreliable pads anymore. 
Tags: leakage & spotting, lunette, teething troubles

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