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Update on the "Alicia"

Some of you may remember a few weeks ago the "Alicia menstrual pod" came to the attention of this board, and I undertook to make some enquiries, since the "inventor" seemed to be an Australian. Well, I finally got an email back and thought you all might be interested. Also I would like your input, as some of this sounds a bit strange to me.

1) She may be an Australian, but she is apparently living in India and having the cup manufactured there.

2) She says she plans to focus on selling the Alicia in the 3rd world "to stop infections due to poor quality menstrual products". This strikes me as being a bit odd - I have never heard that this is an issue in the 3rd world. I thought TSS was a 1st-world tampon associated problem.

3) This will therefore be the cheapest cup on the market, at AUD30 each or AUD60 for two.

4) She wants to make the extra-small and extra-large cups because she says that in the 3rd world where women squat their pelvic floors are tighter, and after lots and lots of babies their pelvic floors can be looser, and she wants to cover all the bases.

5) She does not plan to market her cups at all in the "Western World" and so I don't think she has (or plans to get) them through either the FDA or TGA - this wasn't quite clear in the email.

6) She has offered to sell me one if I want it, but I don't think I do. I already have a Lunette and a GreenCup, both of which I really like, so this was just a curiosity thing. If anyone in Australia wants one I can get you the contact details to arrange this, but they aren't available on the open market, apparently, and there are no plans to do this.

Any other vital info anyone wants about this?
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