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Dry run concerns

So, I recently got my Keeper Mooncup in the mail and have given it two dry runs. Insertion hasn't really been a problem, and I think I've felt it pop open ok, but removal has been a bit of an issue. I reach up and pinch the bottom but if I pull down it's painful and feels like there's still suction, so I put a finger up the side of the cup to try and break the suction and hook my finger around the rim or something. When I got to the top of my cup I found that I couldn't get it around the rim at all because my cervix was in it! I think it must be rather low or something. I eventually broke the suction and got it out.
I just did the second dry run and had the same problem. I'm good at relaxing, so I don't think that being tense was the problem, but it was difficult for me to get it out and painful. I don't see how I'm going to use this on my period without spraying blood all over myself and everything else. Also, I read that usually the cervix is lower during one's period, which worries me as it already seemed quite low. Could I be hurting my cervix? It's hard to break the suction and I think the suction even reforms after I think I've broken it sometimes.

I have felt kind of bloated and my stomach has felt sort of gurgle-y after removing the cup, and then I felt sort of unwell for awhile after removing it the first time (this could be unrelated though). Has anyone else experienced these sorts of problems?
Thanks so much
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