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Cup w/ IUD - which cup?

I am getting an IUD next week. I have been using a Ladycup for two cycles. The Ladycup was so hard to remove that I finally decided that since was having a sale I should purchase a Diva. Holy Hell that cup is easy to remove. I've only tried it on a dry run, so I'm not sure about leakage, etc, but I can feel my cervix and make sure it's in the cup and I think it would be fine, and it seems to fit.

I know that the Diva is the one cup that specifically says it should not be used with an IUD (well, I thought that was true, but I just checked the insert and I can't find that. I can find some specific instructions however, that the cup should NOT ride high. They seem very adamant about that. wtf?)

Anyway, I plan on waiting a few cycles after I get the IUD for using my cup again. I will use pads and/or tampons in the interim. I know others have used it sucessfully immediately, but I don't want to expel for normal reasons and then blame the cup. So when I do start to use the cup, my reasoning is that I want to use the Diva because it's so easy to remove (just pinch bottom and pull out) instead of the Ladycup where I'm digging around up there for a few minutes at least. I can always get it out successfully, and I'm okay with it, but it seems like less time with my hand in my vagina will give me a better success rate with the IUD.

However, I had heard that a softer cup is better for an IUD because it's less likely to catch the IUD. Would the slight greater stiffness of Diva make a difference? My main concern with possibly messing with my IUD would be that when I remove the cup by folding it (c-fold for removal) that the fold could catch the string and pull it out.

I'm happy to use whichever one is less likely to rip my IUD out, no matter how hard it is to remove.

Comments? Suggestions? Experiences?


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