bowlingpins (bowlingpins) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Diva Wash + stretched out vagina?

Is the Diva Wash worth buying? Or is it just a gimmick and a waste of money? I like the current body wash that I am using, so I would only be using it for my Diva Cup. I feel like washing with just water is enough, and it isn't really necessary to boil it for 'ultimate cleanliness', but I thought I'd try to get some opinions on it before I decide whether or not to get it. Or is there maybe something else good from

Also, I've only used the Diva Cup for 1 cycle, but my bf noticed a difference in how loose I was and I didn't even tell him anything about switching to a cup. Which is kind of amazing that he just mentioned it. I used to be really tight though, but I don't know how that affects anything. For the first couple days of wearing it, I felt it pushing on my bladder a little bit. Anyone else experience something like this? I didn't see anything in the FAQ.
Tags: cleaning, divacup, sexual activity
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