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yeast infections

a bit of a strange line of questions and thoughts

I'm new at the whole cup thing (2nd month) and well I ended up getting a yeast infection on the first day of my period this time.  I'm not about to say it was caused directly by the cup (because silicone can't cause them) but possibly indirectly.  I have a sensitivity to a lot of soaps and I can't remember what I washed my cup in last month.  I also can't promise that I washed my hands good enough before taking the thing out.  Both of those I will watch for next month.  In my opinion, while the timing is right for yeast infections  (generally they come on the first day of my period), I didn't have any anti-biotics and that's what causes 9.9 out of 10 of them for me (and I really don't get them very often).

Then I started thinking.  (watch for rolling smoke from ears)

A.) Is it ok to continue using my cup if I have a yeast infection?  Will the cup keep the environment too moist or warm and just encourage the yeasties?   EDIT: duh, go read the correct tags entries. But I didn't see anything about the second one:

and then my brain went off on a tangent and while I think this is unlikely I'm still curious....
B) Do we know of anyone that has stopped using a cup for any reason out of the ordinary? (ordinary in my mind is can't get it in the proper position, or it leaks)  I was thinking if one can't use a cup in situation/question A)... I know quite a few girls that are very prone to yeasties.... well you see where my brain was going.  Again - I'm not trying to say one is caused from the other - I was just more curious...

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