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Diva Cup versus Moon Cup by Keeper (USA)

About 4 years ago, I was checking out this community and decided to purchase a menstrual cup. Although I live in the US, I didn't like the idea of latex (the Keeper) and I had heard that more poeple prefered the silicone. So I purchased a Diva Cup from a store on Ebay. I really liked the idea of a reusable menstrual cup and used the Diva Cup for about a year and a half. The only complaint that I had was that the cup seemed to work its way down and the bottom would end up chafing the opening of my vagina after I had the cup in all day. Everytime I would go to the bathroom, I would give it a little shove back into place. Not a big deal, but by the third or fourth day, I would take it out and switch to something else, a tampon or a pad depending on the flow.

I moved over two years ago and lost my Diva Cup somewhere. Recently I decided to check back into menstrual cups to see what changes might have taken place since my last investigation four years ago. Happily, there are more choices available. I saw that the Keeper now makes a silicone cup, the Moon Cup (not to be confused with the Mooncup made in the UK). Although I had also read that the Keeper company embarked in some questionable marketing methods (like naming their silicone cup the same name as the UK cup), I decided to purchase one. The decision was made mainly because I live right outside of the same city that produces the Keeper cups, and not only did I want to support a local business, but I also wanted to get my cup within a week so I would have it in time for my period. I recieved the Moon Cup four days after placing an online order.

After having used the Moon Cup (by Keeper) for an entire period, I can honestly say that I definitely prefer it over the Diva Cup. While the marketing and packaging of the Diva Cup is far superior, the Moon Cup is slightly shorter and the base of it is a wee bit skinnier. I think that this may actually help it stay in place (at least for me) better than the Diva Cup. I did not have the extent of the problem of the cup trying to work itself out of me, like I did with the Diva Cup. I found the Moon Cup to be much more comfortable.

I'm sorry this is so long, I just thought it might be helpful to others, especially those in the US who are unsure of which cup to get or who are anxious to get their cups and don't want to wait for an overseas package.

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