spacetime (spacetime88) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Messy Removal - Blood Spills Out

This is my 6th cycle using a menstrual cup (Lunette, size 2).  While I love the cup, I HATE the removal process because it's VERY messy.  Insertion is easy.  Removal is super-messy and no fun.  When I pull the cup out, blood spills out of the cup.  Every time I remove the cup, I always do it squatting over the bathtub.  I can't imagine removing the cup in a public bathroom, since the blood would spill everywhere--and I don't have access to a bathtub inside a public stall.  I would have to awkwardly straddle the toilet. 

 Why does the blood spill out of the cup when I remove it?  I am trying to keep the cup partially folded (in a C shape) while removing---because an unfolded rim hurts coming out.  

Any tips on removing the cup WITHOUT spilling blood everywhere? 
Tags: lunette, removal
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