Goat Friends (frolicnaked) wrote in menstrual_cups,
Goat Friends

Lady Cup: Difficult Removal

Background: Before getting my Lilac Cup, I used a Diva Cup and a Mooncup (UK) for a combined total of 5-6 years. After the first few cycles with my Diva (my first cup), I haven't had any problems with insertion or removal.

I'm now using my colored Lady Cup for the first time, and I'm finding that I'm having much more difficulty removing it than I had with either the Diva Cup or the Mooncup. The problem isn't so much not being able to reach it -- I can do that just fine -- as not really having anything to hold onto once I get my fingers up there. I'm much more used to the ridged bottom of the Mooncup, which lets me kind of grab and tug. The comparatively smooth bottom of the Lady Cup, even when I'm bearing down to help things along, only lets me grab and slip.

I can still remove it, but not nearly as easily as I can with my Mooncup.

Has anyone else experienced this issue? If so, suggestions for easier removal?

Tags: removal - painful or problems
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