Lindsey (as_she_melts) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Where to Buy Menstrual Cup in Cuernavaca?

Hi, I know this is a long shot but I really really need some help!!  I'm studying Spanish in Cuernavaca, Morelos, MX for the week and I left my menstrual cup in the states.  I improvised some cloth pads out of baby washcloths, but it's driving me nuts and I'm bleeding on everything!  My body doesn't deal well with the chemicals in disposable products, so I'm not able to borrow from my mom (who is studying with me) or my host family.  Does anyone happen to know if or where I can buy a replacement cup in Cuernavaca?  I'm in Chapultapec, if it makes a difference... At this point I'd be willing to give tampons another shot if they're organic, so if anyone knows of a health food store or something, please let me know.  Thanks so so much for any help!
Tags: where to buy
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