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Hi everyone! Awhile back I was trying to decide whether to order the miacup or the lunette.  I ended up going for the mia as the price difference between the two was just a few bucks after shipping, and the mia was calling to me. They sent along a coupon code for 5% off, which is 2P3STZL-N9FH for anyone who is intersted. Also before I ordered mine I e-mailed thier customer service department to see if they could send me any discount codes or coupons, and the woman I contacted sent me one for 5% off no problem, so for anyone thinking of ordering you might want to give it a shot.  My order was sent on December 9th and was estimated to arrive between the 27th and january12th and I recieved it on december 22nd which was a nice suprise.  They are a great company to deal with and I LOV my new cup!
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