Lucas Quinn (verito295) wrote in menstrual_cups,
Lucas Quinn

Newbie on Miacup!

So, I finally received my MiaCup yesterday and it could not have had a better timing since my period had just arrived.

The cup came in a beautiful drawstrig bag that came inside a pretty red box with the instruction manual and a bonus 5% discount code (if anyone wants it please give me a shout). As per instructions I washed it, boiled it and then prepared for a semi dry run (on my first day I barely have some spotting). Everything went pretty well, I tried using a punchdown fold but it was giving me hell to pop open so I tried a seven fold and was pretty confident everything worked the way it should have. I kept the cup in for a few hours, until I was ready for bed and then switched to my pretty overnight cloth pads. (I didn't trust my insertion skills enough just yet.)
This morning I used the seven fold again in the shower and I think it felt even more comfortable than last night, maybe because of the hot water, maybe because I was more relaxed. I now checked it once after about 3 hours and there was only an itty little bit at the bottom. I barely feel the cup and wow this is just great!
I'm totally loving it and looking forward to see hot the cup handles my heavier days (which should start tomorrow) when I tend to bleed like a gutted cow.
I'll try to post an update at the end of my cycle to give a final first period on the MiaCup :)
Tags: first time use, insertion, miacup, popping open, success stories
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