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After doing a bit of research on menstrual cups and reading a good amount of the information on this live-journal group, I decided to take advantage of the sale at iherb.com and get a Divacup.  It was the best $14 that I have spent on myself in a while.  You all get a huge thanks from me for all the information posted in this group that persuaded me to make the purchase.  Thanks, everyone!

It arrived on the day my cycle started so I got to try it out immediately after washing it thoroughly.  I can't believe what a difference it makes compared to tampons and pads.  I used to have a terrible time with tampons drying me out and irritating all the sensitive skin no matter what brand or absorbency that I used.  Then when I didn't use the tampons because of the irritation, if I moved the wrong way or slept funny, the pads would leak.  On top of that, I absolutely hated carrying about a bunch of supplies and having to bring my purse with me everywhere during that time of month.  Not to mention that there were always the few times when I would forget to bring an extra tampon...

Now, with the Divacup, I have so much more freedom.  It's comfortable to where I barely feel it when I have it in.  I've been lucky enough to not have any leaks and was able to insert it easily on my first try.  I've also noticed that the cramps and general ickiness that I usually had during my cycle seem a lot less than before now that I have switched to a menstrual cup.  It has made me so happy that I was trying to share my enthusiasm with my fiance and he had to make me change the subject because he didn't want to hear any more about how awesome a menstrual product was.

The Divacup is a fantastic product and I will definitely recommend it to any woman who is looking for a more practical, more environmentally friendly, and less expensive approach to dealing with her monthly cycle.
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