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Rubbing Alcohol or Hydrogen Peroxide with Coloured Cups

Hey Everyone!

Nothing new to report with the Selene yet, as I haven't been able to give it a "real run" yet, but so far with the dry runs I've found it pops open very easily, and is quite comfortable even though I've made the jump from a size A Diva to a size 2 Lunette. Can't wait to try it out for real!

I have a quick question with regards to cleaning the coloured cups. With my Diva, I'd give it a good rinse each time I emptied it (if I had the opportunity) and soaked it in boiling water and a capful of rubbing alcohol at the end of my period. I just want to ask if either rubbing alcohol or hydrogen peroxide would harm the coloured cups. Would one be recommended for use over the other? I know many people say that it's not necessary to use either, but I like the idea of giving it a quick soak once a month.

Tags: cleaning, lunette

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