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Cleaning and Lubricant

First, I want to thank this community for being so amazing and great with the advice.

Onto the meat of the post:

I received notification today that my Lunette is in the mail (I don't think I've ever been this excited about a menstrual product before now). I'd been reading up on how to take care of the cup, since this is a real investment for me (the currently unemployed student). I bought a mug at the the dollar store that can be my Lunette-cleaning mug (it's huge, certainly big enough to hold the cup) and a bottle of hydrogen peroxide.*

I am anticipating some issues with the cup (as I mentioned in my last post, I have a neurological disorder that might affect things). I was looking on this site and others and saw that some people use lubricant to help. I went to check out lubricants at the drug store and wowza. Expensive! Is it worth the money? Is there are place to get it cheaper than $13 or more a pop? (I'm in Massachusetts, USA if that helps any.)

*Is hydrogen peroxide likely to irritate my lady parts? I looked at some cup washes but they mostly had sodium laureth sulphate. I know that sodium lauryl sulphate - or most anything in the sulphate family - in my toothpaste will get me oral thrush within a matter of days and I assume my mouth is hardier than my vagina.
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