B (mrsbenglish) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Using diva cup after childbirth..

Hey everyone, I'm new here and have an important question!

I had my daughter about 7 weeks ago.. Long story short I was in labor with her for a VERY VERY (94 hours) long time and pushed for 6 hours, and she ended up being failure to descend so I had an emergency c-section... ANYHOO. I did fully dilate but did not (obviously) birth her vaginally.

I got my IUD put in today and the doctors said that it did make me start my period... I'm not too sure how they know it's my period opposed to bleeding from insertion, I am exclusively breastfeeding and wasn't expecting a period so soon... I digress... I am bleeding quite heavily..

I have my old diva cup from pre-pregnancy and I would love to use it... Will the fact that I did fully dilate mean I really *need* to use the post pregnancy/over 35 diva cup? Or do you think the diva cup I have will work?

Thanks :)
And nice to meet you all :)
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