jezzie_d (jezzie_d) wrote in menstrual_cups,

To trim or not to trim, that is my question ..

So I have my small LadyCup, day 2 of my first cycle with it, i'm loving it!
Only one prob - the stem is digging into me and I'm not sure if I should trim it or not.  I have a lot of trouble removing it and I'm worried if I trim it it'll become even harder.  I've tried pushing it in further but frankly I don't think there's anywhere else for it to go (hence why I have a small hehe).  Not sure if this means anything but it's digging into a kinda soft lump I have just inside my vagina  on the upper surface - its not my pubic bone - not really sure what it is lol.  The digging is making sitting somewhat uncomfortable :(

Should I trim it?
Tags: lady cup, stem length/trimming

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