Kaellie (sexualjesus) wrote in menstrual_cups,

I really didn't used to care... I really didn't, I'm sure of it.

My wife and I had to go out of town over the holidays. Neither of us were expecting Aunt Flo, so we neglected to bring our Diva cups. I had the forethought to grab our cloth pads, thankfully. Because the first day we are there, I start. Damn! I have to use my pads, oh well, I guess that just means lots of washing this week. I go to grab the third one, and it's not there.
"Honey? Have you seen the last pad?"
"Yeah, I'm wearing it"
"You started?"
"Crap, me too."
After never cycling together (in 5 years) we both start the SAME DAY! The cloth pads only served for an hour or so, so we thought Well it's only one cycle, we'll just go to the market and get the brand we used to get and "rough it" (ha, ha, ha) for a week. So we drive down to Stater Bros and buy some "stand bys".
That lasted about one hour. Within the hour, we were both trying desperately to find a store that carried menstral cups. But Riverside County Ca is prime redneck territory, and we had no luck. We went to visit my brother in LA county, the Whole Foods there could order one but it would take a few days that we didn't have. One of their other stores had one, but we couldn't reconsile either of us having the cup while the other had to suffer with the plastic bags between their thighs chafing and uncomfortable. So we kept looking. And looking. And Looking. After two days, Finally!!! We found a natural foods store at the edge of the county that was still in business and carried them. We got them and some cotton pads that were way, way better than the plastic ones and 
just laughed at ourselves as we practically ran from the check out aisle to the store restroom and switched out the products. Instantly we both felt 1,000,000% better. 
All the way back to grandmas we both just kept saying "I really didn't used to care... I really didn't, I'm sure of it. One tampon was as good as the next. Pads weren't as good as tampons, but do fine in a pinch. But now, there's no way I could go back to that."
If you had told either of us a few years or so ago we not only would be using menstral cups and cloth pads, but that we would be on an epic quest to find them, we probably would have told you to quit smoking the happy grass you freaking hippy. But it really is SO MUCH BETTER, I just can't explain.
Sure the learning curve was well, a learning curve. I have to trim the tip, my wife doesn't. I prefer the Punch Down fold, she prefers the C. But we both agree that they are the best thing that happened to our bodies (and the environment!) in a long, long time.

If you are still considering getting one, do it. If like me, you considered giving up in the first cycle or two, don't. Stick it out, it's worth it! But then you don't have to take my word on it. ;)

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