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New folding method, and first-time/fit questions

I just got a DivaCup and went through my first cycle with it. It’s my first menstrual cup, and I decided to try it on the advice of one of my professors this last semester. The class was Gender and Society, and the last few class periods entailed big class-wide discussions of the fun issues: sex, birth control, abortion and menstruation. Someone in class asked about the menstrual cup, and the prof sung high praises of it. I had never heard of them before that, but my interest was piqued.

Well, after much researching (on this community, as well as the greater internet) I decided to get one. I wanted to get one locally to try out before buying from overseas online. The Whole Foods Co-op here in Duluth carries the DivaCup. The Green Mercantile in Duluth also carries the Keeper (but not the Keeper Moon Cup-Don’t know why) and I didn’t want to get a latex cup, so I went with the Diva.

My first time went pretty typical from what I’ve read in this comm. Problems with insertion, a tiny bit of leakage. Getting it out was always an easy cinch for me.

My biggest problem was getting it to pop open. I must have strong muscles down there, cos I’d get it in and it would remain flattened for a long time. Spinning it, swirling my finger around it and bending my body in all manner of pretzel shapes would work after a while, but my walls really just wanted to remain clamped down on it, no matter how relaxed I tried to make them. Usually I’d get it in there semi-open, and by the next time I went to pee, I’d check and it would be fully open.

In trying to find a way to get it to open up quicker so I wouldn’t have to worry about it, I came up with a thought: All of the folds I had tried (all of the ones here and this one) either involve flattening the thing out first (all the folds would come undone except for the first flattening fold, which would just remain flat as a pancake in me) or are so folded up into itself that they would just remain a lump in there.

I tried to come up with a method of folding that could create more pressure against my walls to get that rim popped open. It would have to be something that doesn’t require flattening as the first step, and doesn’t involve folding the edges of the cup into itself. I came up with this one:

Step one hold your cup like this:

Step two: Pinch one side of rim together with your non-dominant hand

Step three: Flatten the opposite side of the rim against the first pinch

Last step: Pinch newly flattened side over original pinch to hold in place

Last step side view:

As you can see, when it’s folded it looks like a mushroom from the top. I put it in with the stem of the ‘shroom pointing forward (toward the pubic bone) and the cap pointing back toward the anus. This fold, in conjunction with the cold water method, had enough outward pressure to pop open straight away. My last time inserting it happened in the shower, and I didn’t want to turn the water cold (I have low tolerance for low temperatures) so I just inserted it after washing it in my (VERY HOT!!!) shower water, and it still popped open in a matter of seconds.

And now, for my question:
I really love the cup. Even with all the first-time issues, I still prefer it to a tampon or disposable pad. Now it’s just time for fine tuning.

I really just got the Diva ‘cos it was readily available, but now I’m thinking I’d like to try different a different size and/or brand.

I’m pretty darn close to 30 (will be turning 30 within the life of this cup). I have never had children, but I know for a fact that my vaginal canal is quite large. I’m a lesbian, and my girlfriend often fists me without the use of lube (except my own naturally-occurring lubrication) very easily, with no pain at all. Because of this, I decided to get the large size. I didn’t take into consideration that my vag is only that large when I’m aroused, it can get quite tight when I’m not.

I don’t have a heavy flow, and the biggest complaint I have about my period (other than tampon and disposable pad-related complaints) is that I suffer from MONDO cramps.

So here are my thoughts:
I don’t know if size is an issue, but my comfort issues relating to this cup are more texture-related.

The stem poked me occasionally, but I know stem trimming is a possibility with all cups, so I’m not taking that into consideration. I’ll probably trim the stem at my next TOM and see how that goes.

The way the Diva sat in me, it kinda pressed into my bladder area, and made me feel like I had to pee more often. It also irritated my G-spot area a couple of times. I have a feeling that I’d be most comfortable in a cup that was very soft. I’ve read from multiple sources that the LadyCup it the softest, so I’m thinking of trying both the large and the small LadyCups. I’d like to have a small cup for times when my flow is quite light (for increased comfort) but a larger one for heavy times.

Anyone else have the bladder/G-spot issues I had? Do softer cups help? Are any cups softer than LadyCups? Any advice in relation to size or cup brand?
Tags: buying decisions, first time use, insertion - folding methods, popping open, sizes/size issues, teething troubles
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