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Happy Days!!!! with my Diva cup

I am soooo happy!!! I think that there are not enough good posts so here is a YAY! I had my first full cycle with my Diva cup. Even though the first time (last month) was scarry and I was nervous, but this month was a breeze. I am normally chained to my house as I have the worst heavy periods. I stand up and I am back in the bathroom with pads and with this Diva cup I actually forgot I was on my period. I was not grumpy and I shopped, worked and actually got a full night sleep during my cycle.  It was actually shorter too! What was once 10 days is less than 7. 

For the newbies and undecided you will not be disappointed. Once you get past the fact that once your cup is in you can get it back out, you are home free.  I found I had the least leaks when I c-fold my cup, inserted 3/4 the way spun it and then kegeled it up there. When I just pushed it into place I had leaking hit or miss. With the kegels (sp?) method I had minimal leaking which is un-avoidable do to the fact that it gets around in there when you remove the cup to empty.

Well everyone this is the next best thing to sliced bread! You can tell I am sold. Sorry for the type o's did this in a hurry.
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