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No way i'm stopping it!


It's been several months since i started using my lunette, and i don't regret it one bit!

The three/four first months were hard. the first day i ended up lying on my bed, wondering why the hell it wouldn't unfold, no matter how i turned it. You need a lot of patience to first try the cup!

Then there was the expulsing issue. How many times did i clean the floor afterwards? My cat thought i was barmy, staying in this position in the middle of the bathroom, but she got used to it as i did!

I also found the best way to empty it at home! I  go in the bathtube. That way i can go on my best position easily to insert it and take it out, there soap and water ready and a showerhead, so i can get clean easily (don't laugh, it took me several months to find out i could just get inside the bathtube instead of all the gimnastica i use to do...). Plus, during this few days of the month, i really want to be the cleanest and freshest i can!

Now, i know my body far better than i used to be, i'm thinking about buying a diaphragm when i didn't feel like i could use one before, and i don't fear about putting on my most pretty panties or a white pants when i'm on my periods! Of course, sometimes at night (usually the first night) i wake up knowing i'm about to overflow, but i rarely got any stains! I even gave to my cousin the pads and tampons i had kept "just in case" after five months.

Last period, i had to use a pad in emergency. I hated it so much! I wouldn't go back to that for anything!

I'm writting this for the girls (or women) who have just bought their own cup and are disappointed because it is leaking or anything of the sort. Be patient! With time you will know how to use it, because it is not the cup's fault, it is because you couldn't insert it right. don't worry and keep training!
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