Chasechik (chasingtides) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Cup Newbie

I'm finally decided that the C'elle cup probably isn't coming through and I am going to just have to buy a menstrual cup for myself. I'm just floundering a bit on where to buy cups/what to buy.

I'm a 22 year old student in the northeast USA. I'm disabled - I have a neurological condition, dystonia - so I think I want to start with a small and/or a softer cup because I anticipate having more-than-average difficulty in inserting it (I have some difficulty with fine motor skills). (My flow is not terribly heavy, so I'm not concerned about that.)

Any suggestions? The cups that are easier on the hands/require less manual dexterity?
Tags: brand comparisons, disabilities & health problems, where to buy

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