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I'm trying to make a slightly updated version of the flyer I once found on http://menstrualcups.org/activism.php to hand out at campus etc. One of the reasons I want to make a new one is that there are several new brands of cups that didn't exist when the last flyer was made. So, I don't want to miss any. Can you help me by listing brands (with website URL) that I'm forgetting?

On the top of my head I remember:
Diva Cup
Mooncup UK
Keeper and Mooncup US

Also, which of the brands and/or vendors offer money-back guarantees/size change etc?

Is it ok if I use one or two of the images found in the community info? (I think the last flyer did) I will of course credit menstrualcups.org for the image, as well as generally recommending it ;)

Otherwise, I don't really intend to change the original flyer very much, except my version will be in A4 paper size.

Edit: Found original flyer, thanks!

What I have so far is found at http://folk.ntnu.no/lundanes/cupflyers
If there is anything I'm missing, or something else, let me know. There's a pdf version for easy printing (A4 paper, print double-sided and fold. Page two is the inside.) and a .doc version if anyone wants to change bits before they use it. I hope the .doc version looks right in Word, as I made it in OpenOffice.
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