Virginia (lovelylilacs) wrote in menstrual_cups,

odd pain?

Ok so I've been using my keeper for the past 8 months and it's been great. Love it. But tonight when I emptied it, as I was trying to break the seal I noticed there seemed to be some small lumpy stuff in the skin on my cervix, didn't think much of it and thought it could possibly be uterine lining but when I pulled the cup off and it rubbed against it omg it hurt so bad it felt like I had a paper cut down there or something and so I just did what I had to do and put it back in, and it hurt just as bad putting it in again, and then it still hurt for the next ten minutes when I came back and sat down. Could this just be that my cervix is really sensitive or does it sound like something that needs to be checked out by a gyno?
I try not to complain to my mom about stuff unless it's still there after four days, two weeks and I'll ask for a docs appointment. I just noticed this tonight though.

Note: sorry I forgot to mention that it is a keeper mooncup.
and for an update, I tried to pull it out again last night and it hurt even worse. So I've been wearing yucky pads all day.
But thank you, all, for your help. I'm very sorry I forgot to mention that it was a mooncup.
Tags: allergies - latex, keeper, removal - painful or problems

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