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First cup!

Hi all. I ordered my first cup (Diva Cup Model 2, I'm 23 but had a vaginal childbirth) during the sale at iherb and it arrived today! I boiled it and tried it out... and I have to say, not bad!

Inserting it for the first time felt a little awkward (and I let go too soon and felt that suction too low!! lol), but it was easy to adjust. It seemed to fit comfortably without going too far, but I imagine it will shift some after wearing it for a while. Making sure I turned it was the only awkward part, it was kinda slippery and hard to make sure I was twisting the cup and not just sliding my fingers on the stem.

I walked downstairs, sat on the couch, and walked back upstairs. I could only really "feel" it when walking, mostly on the steps, and it was a slight shift with each step I took. I think it could have been the stem? But in case it goes further than I'd like, I don't want to trim the stem (my only worry is not being able to reach it... I know there's nowhere for it to go, but I worry, lol).

I'm actually excited about my cycle this month! ;D I can't wait to test it in action.
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