ariel_la (ariel_la) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Diva Cup and scuba diving

Anyone else here scuba dive and use the Diva Cup (or other reusable cup)?  I have found that diving while on my period can result in changes in my flow.  I suspect it is simply the effect of pressure changes on my body;  I have found I can get quite a heavy flow even when on the last day of my period...the result is that even a super absorbant tampon didn't prevent major leaking after a couple hours wear.  Mind you this was the one time that happened (on a couple other occasions I hadn't noticed any impact but I was just starting to dive and my body hadn't been exposed to the rigors of diving).  I certainly don't want to have the experience I had most recently (it could turn out to be quite embarassing).
I suspect I will still need to check the cup more often than when not diving as my flow could be heavier than I might expect but I'd hope it can contain/hold more blood than the tampon could hold and not result in major leaks.
The only thing I may need to be concerned about is having bloody finger(s) but there should be water nearby to go rinse my hands!!!...I'd rather have a bloody finger than blood soaked bathing suit/wetsuit!!
Tags: sports/physical activities

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