ariel_la (ariel_la) wrote in menstrual_cups,

diva cup emptying when bearing down

Using my Diva Cup for the first time.  Overall have been happy with the experience.  Occasional spotting (commented about this in another memeber's thread) but nothing major.  I do have a questiong regarding some leaking while using the facility.  I have noticed a couple times that while bearing down/having a BM I had leaked blood into the toilet....I assume this is simply because the contraction of all the muscles in that area caused the cup to overflow???  Anyone else experience this??

P.S.: I have used the Instead disposable cups recently and noticed that with BM it would overflow; I had read this could happen and was normal; a friend who I found out had been using Instead for a couple years now had also experienced the way I'm going to try to get this gal to convert to a reusable cup!!! ...loving Diva better than the Instead...not quite as messy especially when removing/emptying it out.
Tags: bowel movements, divacup

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