goinggreen2009 (goinggreen2009) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Holy shitake mushrooms!!!!! My mom said yes!!!

My mom said yes to the lunette!! I've known about them for approx. under a year, but didn't have the guts to do it!! I'm dancing on the insides right now, but in a way sort of....not happy? I could tell she thought the reusable thing was a little gross (but that was all a guess based on facial expressions.) I thought she'd be ecstatic to get her own cup once I did my little presentation. I feel like this has already been posted, but how did ppl react when you told them? (Especially if you're a teen).

To anyone really scared to ask their mom/mum about cups, just do it. You'll spend too much time worrying about it, and it plays on your mind. If she says no, then you're still at the place you are now (if that makes sense) only worry free!!!!!!!

Oh and since I could tell she was a little grossed out about the reusable thing, I didn't mention the "free" (pay 2.99 USD shipping and handling) liner you can get at party in my pants. Do you think that using a cloth liner is grosser than a cup? I think I'm just going to slide it in there when we order it tommorow!

Also, if you ordered from the lunette ebay store and live in America, how long did it take?
Tags: age, family & friends, success stories

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