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The NEW Alicia Cup

Just wondering if anyone has heard of/owns an Alicia cup? I'd like to know how it compares-especially as the outside looks different than most. I can't seem to find this cup mentioned on here anywhere...

Here's a link to the site and

At the moment the actual alicia site doesn't seem to be finished so these are pages within another site (a lady that is passionate about helping women partic in third world countries etc)

It has a 2 yr guarantee too which sounds awesome compared to the others, it comes in four different sizes and some of the profits go to charities! The outside has ridges which I imagine could really help with removal-particularly if you cut off the stem (which is also ridged). The site says that it has a 30ml (1 ounce) capacity but I don't know about the other measurements and holes etc. The price is in aussie dollars but I don't know where it actually comes from.

Anyone know anything else about it???
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