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Hey everyone!

I'm not sure how to phrase this, so I'll just be blunt. I would like to make some icons to offer to this community of menstrual cups. Now, I can probably get images from the company websites that make them, but that is a very limited resource, and I know there are some here who have already taken images of their cups that are good quality. But, I don't want to use personal images without permission.

So, who has pictures of their cups that they would allow me to use, and is there any one willing to take pictures and let me use them? I would love and be grateful for a wide variety, as you never know what will and won't work, and of course would post what I do make here for anyone in the community to use, so you would need to also be alright with others having such icons in their journals.

If you are willing to share, a link to either where you have them, or the images themselves would be wonderful. Please only link your own images, or posts with your images in them, if you are open for this kind of sharing. I have no idea what kind of results I will get, but without material, I won't get anywhere.

Thanks in advance.
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