Amy Lillard (weezerscaddy) wrote in menstrual_cups,
Amy Lillard

Another Celle update...

Ok, I know that several of you are worried about getting the cup from Celle and it being the wrong size.  I answered N/A on the baby question, and got a size A (the larger size).  I currently own a small Diva, and this is the first month I've used it.  Well, since I've been bleeding for nearly two weeks, and my Diva is developing a real stink, I decided to clean and try the Mooncup today.  I put them together...there is a size difference...not much though, about the thickness of the Mooncup ridge.  The mooncup is shorter with a longer stem. I put it in with no problem, and the fit is fine.  The stem is too long, though.  The only issue I have is that I was going to trim that and can't grasp the bottom of the cup to break the seal.  I am getting ready for work,a nd havin't been feeling terribly well, so I figure I can deal with the stem for tonight and try again tomorrow, hopefully when I'm more relaxed and will have better luck with it. 

Just wanted those to know that I'm not having any real issues with the size.  Looks like it will be just another learning curve in removing this one.  Good luck, everyone.
Tags: keeper moon cup

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