goinggreen2009 (goinggreen2009) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Cleaning Overkill?

Hi everyone! I'm eager to get a cup, but I'm concerned about cleaning it at school. The bathrooms are disgusting. They don't lock, have limited toilet paper/paper towel/soap supply, and because we're in a temporary building overcrowded. TMI, but as a result, I generally squat to do my buisness. Would this make it harder for me to remove/insert the cup? Also, it really seems like an overkill to buy a stainless steel water bottle SOLEY for cleaning my cup, but I don't use plastic water bottles anymore. Does anyone have any suggestions about squirt bottles I can use to carry soap/water? I don't have my cup yet but I know that I probably would want it as clean as possible. (I'm a germ freak.)

PS. I'm in higschool, cleaning it in the communual sink isn't an option, partially because if I went to the sink to rinse the cup out, I'd loose my stall.

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