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what a great christmas present!

I've been watching this community since about mid-November, when one my roommates told me that she had purchased a Diva Cup at our local Whole Foods. I had heard of menstrual cups a couple years back, but I guess I never really did anything with that information. Anyway, after hearing that from my roommate, I decided to check them out. I spent a lot of time on the Diva Cup website and here on LJ with y'all. It took me maybe 3 days of information seeking before I made the decision that I needed to buy a cup, for the following reasons:

-environmental impact
-saving money
-(hopefully) no leaks

So at the end of November, I bought a Diva on Amazon. (Got a Diva and a bottle of the soap for about $30.) I was in the middle of my period when I ordered it, and didn't get it until a week later in the mail. And I was sooooo antsy to try it!! But after reading some of the posts here, the last thing I wanted to do was a dry run, so I waited. And what do you know, Christmas morning, my period starts. =)

I had to try 4 or 5 times before finally getting it in correctly and getting it to open, but once I got the hang of it, it's been pretty smooth sailing! The 7 fold is the easiest for me to use. Learning how to take it out was actually harder than learning how to put it in. But the cup sits pretty low for me, and it is easy to reach the stem, and even the bottom of the cup. I just pull it down a little until I can pinch the bottom, and then run my thumb up the side until the seal breaks. It was a TOTAL mess the first time I took it out, but I'm sure I will just get better at it. I wore it all day yesterday (Christmas), took it out, cleaned it, and put it back in before going to bed.

And I didn't have any leaks! I have had my period now for a dozen years or so (I'm 24), and there have been rare months when I wouldn't leak at night, but generally, I do. And it sucks. What an incredible feeling of relief, to wake up and not have to dread checking my sheets! Wow!

I did have a leak today, I'm not sure why though. It could have been because today is the second day of my period and that is always the heaviest for me. Perhaps the seal wasn't great, but the cup had been in for about 4 hours before I had a leak. I'm just going to chalk it up to learning how to use this thing.

I really can't say how pleased I am. Until I empty the cup, I really don't feel like I'm on my period at all!
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