jessie_bohanan (jessie_bohanan) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Diva inside out.

I recently ordered a small diva cup, this will be my first ever cup. Well I was overly excited about it being on sale that I totally didnt think about poking around to see how low my cervix is compared to the length of the cup until after the fact.

Turns out that my cervix is pretty damn low! its 40mm from the opening(thats both standing and sitting) and I dont start my period until the middle of next month so theres no telling if it will get lower. I looked on the sizing chart and the diva is 57mm long so thats a 17mm difference... I was wandering how big of a difference in mm does it make to turn it inside out?

Its alright if the cup is touching my cervix seeing how it has no feeling at all, I'm just worried about the cup sticking out of my body...

I probably need the small ladycup since its the shortest that I've seen. :/

Tags: cervix position, divacup

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