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Christmas Cup Advice Needed: Peeing, popping, and cup migration.

Hi Gang.

 I'm 33, petite, with no kids so I ordered the small diva cup. I struggled with insertion, but lubed it up and got it in although it felt uncomfortable and put a lot of pressure on my urethra. I wasn't sure it had popped and it was way too tight to feel around in there or give it a spin. No leakage so I thought it was ok. I left the tip protruding thinking I'd trim it after my first-go-round.


1. Urination was really difficult. I'm sure I was peeing in the cup. I tried pushing it up a bit like others suggested, but worried I would push it too high so I left it low. Do people push it in so the tip no longer protrudes and then pull it out again after urination?

2. When I went to remove it a few hours later, there was leakage and the tip was nowhere to be found. I ran down a list of people I'd ask to help with some deep exploration. After trimming my nails and some careful digging, I got in the shower and used hot water to relax the muscles. I squatted and pushed and eventually found the tip. It was a real operation to try and pinch it, and while I was trying to get a grip, it popped out with a bang! It hurt so much I almost passed out and I'm fairly pain tolerant. I had to lay in bed for an hour with my vagina throbbing "Thanks for the shitty gift!" waves through my body.  I want to understand anatomically why it was so painful. Was it blunt trauma to my cervix?

3.  Does its migration upwards mean I need a bigger cup or kegel exercises? A smaller cup? I'm confused because it was so tight in there I could barely grip it to remove it. If I cut off the tip on the diva cup, I'd never find it.

I'm going to use pads for a few days and will try the cup again after I recover. And have a friend handy.

What do you think?

Happy holidays!

Tags: removal, sizes/size issues, urination
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