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Finally got my Miacup!

This is the first cup that I've owned (but I've been using Insteads), and so far, the experience has been great. I am sooooooooo thankful for this forum, though. Reading the posts here left me feeling prepared, and I knew not to freak out when I had issues. ^_^

I did a dry run this afternoon, using the punchdown fold to insert. It went in without trouble, popped open easily, and was so comfortable I couldn't feel it. Huzzah!

Then, haha, I attempted to remove it, but had trouble breaking the seal. I got it out after a few tries. Trying to insert it a second time was a little difficult. It wouldn't pop open, and after trying about 5 different folds, I realized that it was simply too high up and pushed behind my cervix (which hangs low). Easily fixed.

It's a perfect fit. Even the stem is really comfortable, so I don't think I'll need to trim it. The cup is a lovely purple color, and I adore the bag it came in. It was absolutely worth the wait and the few extra dollars. Yay for Miacup!  :D

*EDIT: I can see that removal is going to be the hardest part for me. It took forever this morning! After wearing overnight, it had "migrated" up, and it took so much effort to break the suction and get the darn thing out. I am still really happy with it, but I think it will take several tries before I get it right.

Does anyone have suggestions about their personal technique for removal? I've already read the tags, but I would really appreciate any advice. Thanks!
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