Sarah Irene (forgottenhall) wrote in menstrual_cups,
Sarah Irene

Just a rave.

About my divacup...
I start my period every Saturday at some point (it kind of varies, but with a cup, it doesn't really matter when it starts because you're always protected!!) and yesterday morning I couldn't find my dear cup. Asking my mom where it was was down right embarassing and she had no idea.. nor cared, lol, but thankfully I found it. I was NOT looking forward to..

a) Paying the $35 to replace it after I've only had it 6 months or so and Christmas bank account is already strained haha
b)... Going through a period using.. tampons or pads. ew.

So just a rave here... this has been my best period yet. I don't feel it at all and it's not even turned inside out like I used to do it. (The divacup is fairly large and I'm very petite) Ive been using it for about 6 months..and Ive had my ups and downs. But this post was originally thought of to inspire those who are new and having second thoughts to STICK WITH IT. I found the cup uncomfortable at first. So I tried turning it inside out. This helped considerably but I found made insertion more difficult. I still struggle with insertion..trying to find the best way..but I never have trouble with it popping open and collecting once its's only ever leaked ONCE. Now, several periods later, I don't feel it at ALL and I just adore it. I love the way that you don't have to worry about it leaking and changing it because its full after just a few hours... I work retail, and alone, so I can't always run to the bathroom whenever I need to right away.

I'll wrap things up by saying, to all women who are thinking of trying a cup but are nervous, just DO it, it's like $35 for a Diva that you'll spend ONCE and if you HATE it, it was ONLY $35. That's like the cost of going out for dinner or a couple cds, a new pair of jeans (maybe :p) etc. Just do it. And if you've already tried..and didn't LOVE it.. give it another chance. Don't force yourself. But try when you're comfortable and see if time helps.. because it did for me. :)
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